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SANE Command

SANE Command

scanimage as follows:

scanimage -d mustek:/dev/scanner -h
If this works, you could try to acquire an image with:
scanimage -d mustek:/dev/scanner >t.pnm

To check that the SANE libraries are installed correctly you can use the test backend, even if you don't have a scanner or other SANE device:

scanimage -d test -T
You should get a list of PASSed tests.

If you are not sure what generic SCSI or USB device your scanner is connected to, try the command sane-find-scanner. Usually, It's sufficient to invoke the program without any arguments. Invoking this command should produce output similar to this:

$ sane-find-scanner
sane-find-scanner: found "MUSTEK MFC-06000CZ 1.01" at device /dev/scanner
sane-find-scanner: found "MUSTEK MFC-06000CZ 1.01" at device /dev/sge

Note that sane-find-scanner will find any scanner that is connected to a SCSI bus and also some USB scanners. It will even find scanners that are not supported at all by SANE.

There may be several causes for the following messages from the frontends: "scanimage: no SANE devices found" or "xscanimage: no devices available.".

Your scanner is not recognized by any backend. It is not supported. You may ask the maintainer of your backend (see /usr/share/doc/sane-backends-1.0.9/AUTHORS) or the SANE mailing list (see above) if support is planned.
SANE can't access the device files (e.g /dev/sg0). Check the permissions.
Your backend is not listed in /etc/sane.d/dll.conf (or commented out).
There are older installations of SANE on your system. If you installed the SANE libraries in /usr/local/lib (default) you should check if there are older SANE libraries at /usr/lib. Remove them (rm -r /usr/lib/libsane* /usr/lib/sane).
If you can use SANE with scanimage but not with other (graphical) frontends, check that /etc/ contains /usr/local/lib and does not contain /usr/local/lib/sane. See also the documentation of the frontends.


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SANE Command


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